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Saturday, 28 June 2014 22:55

The way forward for the Emergence of a new United and prosperous Nation “Nigeria”.

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A Report on the National Conference held in Peoples Friendship University, Theme:  The way forward for the Emergence of a new United and prosperous Nation “Nigeria”.

By: Oladimeji Enock; Asuzu Vivian, Digha Jim Azibalua

The year 2014 marks 100 years of the existence of the country NIGERIA. A country with great history that was destined to be a role model for her fellows on the continent of Africa, it’s no surprise she is called THE GIANT OF AFRICA.

The desire with passion to act and not to keep mute while things continue to fall apart had led Nigerian youths across the globe to sit down and reason together, organizing conferences and seminars on how to save our mother land NIGERIA. The students in Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) were not left out; thereby a platform was created for us to discuss “UNITY IN DIVERSITY” in Nigeria.

As a tradition in PFUR a campus of students from over *140 countries, every country association chooses a week to celebrate their mother land. The Nigeria students union (NSU) also celebrated from October 28, to November 2, 2013. As the chosen day of The Conference was October 30 2013 and the main objective and purpose of this conference was to conduct a general dialogue on Nigeria’s core problem and a lasting solution.

On the 30th of October  2013 a National Conference was organize by the Nigerian Student Union (NSU)  in the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) which Theme was: “The Way forward for the Emergence of a new United and Prosperous Nation”. Leading the conference was the president of the Nigeria Students Union of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia Stephen Idahosa with enormous support from his fellow executives and some selected students to ensure the success of the program. The importance of this program reflected on the presences of outstanding and intelligent Nigerian students across PFUR and even outside our campus to give speeches and present their views on the stated theme. The conference was successful with the student‘s of PFUR and students from other universities around Moscow region in attendance, four speakers were choose to represent the four Geo-political zone of Nigeria, they are as follow:

ØAlfred Ayodele Meseko

ØRaymond O Ekpobodo

ØIngbian Latoya Joy

ØAbdullahi Bappah Ahmed

Including our special guest, the person of Dr. Bashir Obasekola the president of Nigerians In Diaspora Europe (NIDO) Russia Chapter.

The above listed speakers were to speak in accordance with the topic” The way forward for the Emergence of a new united and prosperous Nation, the event which started at exactly 17:00 Moscow GMT commence with the introduction by Oladimeji Enock (the moderator), introduction of guests, followed by an opening speech by the president of the Nigerian Student Union, a person of Idahosa Stephen, the president of NSU (PFUR) urged all student to remain steadfast in their studies. In respect to the conference in particular, he went further to quote: “A man who calls his kinsmen to a feast does not do so to save them from starving. They all have food in their own homes. When we gather together in the moonlight village ground, it is not because of the moon. Every man can see it in his own compound. We come together because it is good for kinsmen to do so”. Chinua Achebe. He added that students should remain united and work toward for a better Nigeria.

A brief history of Nigeria tagged” Who we were and what went wrong” by Ofem Lekam U. The moderator further stated that “For every journey has its beginning, talking about way forward we have to know the place we are coming from” after which the first speaker Alfred Ayodele Meseko spoke about the infrastructure, budget, awards of contract in Nigeria and how Nigeria can maximize the financial income by setting HER priority right (accordingly).

The second speaker was Raymond O Ekpobodo with the topic: “Globalization and human development”. His speech focused on the challenges that Nigeria faces on a global scale. He went on further to say that “Nigeria should create a mechanism that strengthens the youths so they should not rely on the leaders alone.”

The third speaker, Miss Joy spoke on the topic:  “The way forward for the emergence of a new united and prosperous United Nation” in her speech she challenge us, saying “We shouldn’t be concerned just with the quality of leadership of our Presidents, Governors, Senators and Judges; but we should also be concerned by the quality of leadership which we all bring to our professional and personal responsibilities, our characters and attitudes towards others.”

Finally, Mr. Ahmed exposed the problem of ethnocentrism and primordialism, where an ethnic group claims superiority over the other. He stated that “True national politics may not develop unless the challenge of ethnocentrism and primordialism is tackled head-long so as to free both the political leaders and the followers to pursue genuine nationhood, citizenship, development, and national interests, ideals and standards. For true political leadership to emerge and peace to reign in Nigeria, there is a great need for politics to transcend ethnocentrism, religious bigotry and regionalism. True national political leadership and followership must first of all put Nigeria first before any forms of sub-nationalism.”

The conference was not just about listening to prepared speeches from our guest speakers but also about participant’s, contributions on the topic at hand. After the speeches, the moderator created the opportunity to ask questions also to express their views and opinions.

Contribution and solutions for the way forward:

#1 Dr. Bashir Obasekola Phd. In his suggestion he mentioned that some of the problems that lead Nigeria to this present situation are as follows:

·        Economic crisis

·        Corruption and patronage

·        Religion and Ethnicity crisis

#2  Frank Apulu: In his suggestion he said Nigeria needs the right utilization of expert in various fields.

#3 Green Godday Ngeribo: In his suggestion he said the only solution to Nigeria’s present situation is Revolution and leadership reformation.

#4 Bricks: He suggested there should be registration and proper documentation of citizens, stop tribalism, he added by saying the gap between the rich and the poor is too outrageous.

#5 Maxwell Ikiriko: In his contribution he added that Nigerians lack self discipline and selflessness.

Multiple views were shared at the conference with diverse view on some topics; it was encouraging to observe that everyone agreed that Nigeria should remain a single and united nation for prosperity. Above all, Nigeria should invest massively and relentlessly on educating the youths in order to be able to compete this century and also to out beat those ahead. As one of the speakers said” The wealth of a nation is not based on the wealth and opulence of its rulers, but on the productivity and industriousness of its youth and citizenry.”

A closing remarks was given by Dr . Bashir Obasekola Phd, in his closing remarks he urged all students to do the best they can for their country, study their books and learn how to be good citizens. After the closing remarks the president of NSU, Idahosa Stephen thanked all guest for their time, and called for unity among students and all Nigerian citizens here in Moscow and Russia in general.

Thus, the conference has shown that, the Nigerian youth’s thinks about the future of our motherland, and irrespective of our profession or discipline, religion or ethnicity we desire a ONE UNITED PROSPEROUS NATION “Nigeria”. And also for us to ensure and play a part in creating a better revival and transformation to uplift our dear country.

We may be far away from home but our heart still belongs home.



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